About Me💯

Hello! My name is Weiyue Li (李威岳). I am an incoming graduate student in Data Science at Harvard University. I graduated Summa Cum Laude (the highest honor with distinction) from the University of California, San Diego (UCSD) with triple majors in Data Science (BS), Applied Mathematics (BS), and Economics (BA).

I primarily center my research around machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI/ML). I place particular emphasis on large language models, computer vision, and the practical aspects of domain generalization and transfer — especially at their intersections. Leveraging my expertise in machine learning, deep learning, and data analysis, I’ve made significant contributions to various research and internship projects in the healthcare industry.

I’m interning at Professor Zhuowen Tu’s Machine Learning, Perception, and Cognition Lab (mlPC), where I’m working on Multimodality and LLM projects. I was also fortunate to receive guidance from Professor Rayan Saab, Professor Mingxiong Huang, and Dr. Ganz Chockalingam for other AI/ML application-based research projects. Prior to this, I had the privilege of working in Professor Terry Sejnowski’s Computational Neurobiology Laboratory (CNL) on a healthcare deep learning project, where Dr. Margot Wagner was my mentor. Learn more at Research.

Beyond research, I have a deep passion for education. As an 21-time undergraduate teaching assistant, I’ve supported 13 courses across the Computer Science and Engineering, Data Science, Economics, and Mathematics departments, aiding over 3,000 students in their academic journeys. Collaborating with 20 faculty members, I’ve sought to elevate the course experiences for UCSD students. In my teaching endeavors, I am primarily mentored by Suraj Rampure, Dr. Marina Langlois, and Professor Tauhidur Rahman. Discover more at Teaching.


My calendar is embeded below. All events are tentative and subject to change.